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Advice, support and solutions for employers navigating the challenges of employee relations, industrial relations and collective bargaining. I can work with you whatever your industry or where in the world you are.

A brief intro

I’m pragmatic and practical, drawing on years of working across multiple sectors, countries and cultures, and will bring that experience to your IR and ER challenges.

Those challenges are unique to you, and so are the solutions, and I’ll tailor my advice and support to your situation and organisational culture.

You need the right guidance at the right time, so I’m nothing if not flexible, whether you need a day’s worth of help, or support on a project over many months.

At the heart of my approach is the mitigation of risk. I will help you understand, interpret and minimise the risk factors associated with your change programme, dispute or other IR/ER challenges; and what might be possible.

You’ll find out more about me here and my services and if you want a real flavour of industrial relations from the people ‘who were in the room (or who had an ear at the door)’, listen to the IR Guru podcast here.

Andy gave us practical, pragmatic advice which helped us through a very challenging situation with our Union
HR Director, UK Manufacturer

Andy expertly guided us through a union recognition application and helped take a lot of the emotion out of the situation
CEO, UK Charity

Our managers attended a “working with unions” workshop and were really pleased with the tools they had been given, which they could put to use straight away
General Manager, Logistics

My services

  • Employee relations strategy
  • Industrial relations strategy
  • Disputes and strikes
  • Union recognition claims
  • Collective bargaining
  • Employee engagement and voice
  • Global union campaigns
  • Training managers and HR teams
  • Supply Chains – business and human rights
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining

My Services

  • Employee Relations Strategy
  • Industrial Relations Strategy
  • Disputes and Strikes
  • Union Recognition Claims
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Employee Engagement and Voice
  • Global Union Campaigns
  • Training Managers and/or HR teams
  • Supply Chains – Business and Human Rights
  • Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

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