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Your IR / ER challenge is unique to you, as is the level of risk your organisation faces and is willing to accept. But don’t worry – I bring the right practical advice, guidance and support you need, drawn from years of experience. See below for a flavour of the services I offer, and I can tailor even more for your specific needs.

My services

I provide advice, guidance and support to Employers in the following

Employee relations strategy

Working with employers to devise the best ER strategy that fits with and enables the objectives of the organisation. Without a strategy, there is risk, and that can result in short-term, ad-hoc decision-making.

Industrial relations strategy

Working with employers to develop and deliver the strategy for collective bargaining and union relationships, including making changes to agreements, improving relationships and understanding and managing risk.

Disputes and strikes

Providing guidance and advice to executives and management teams on strategy and tactics for managing disputes and industrial action, including internal and external comms and reputational risk.

Union recognition claims

Advice and guidance through the voluntary and/or compulsory union recognition process, including with the central arbitration committee (CAC), drawing up recognition agreements, and internal and external comms.

Collective bargaining

Support and guidance with collective bargaining and negotiations, for example, a pay negotiation, changes to terms and conditions or changing the collective agreements themselves.

Employee engagement and voice

Developing and delivering the best strategy for directly engaging with employees and giving them a genuine voice in the workplace. For example, employee forums, focus groups, internal comms and sharing information.

Global union campaigns

Supporting employers facing a campaign from a global union federation (GUF), usually triggered by an event in the supply chain. I provide guidance on how to manage through the situation with workable, low risk solutions.

Training managers and/or HR teams

I provide bespoke and off the shelf workshops on a range of topics, delivered face to face, for groups of managers and/or HR people. More information is available here (link to workshop page).

Supply chains – business and human rights

Working with businesses to put the right strategy and policies in place to be compliant with all obligations and to have the best chance of avoiding reputational damage – from boardroom to factory floor.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Dealing with specific issues for employers in countries and regions where they manufacture or source from and where they need a plan to deal with and implement their obligations under FOA and CB, at a head office or local level.

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