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Book a free 30 minute “surgery” to discuss any issue relating to Employee, Industrial or Labour Relations – for Employers only.

Totally confidential

Without obligation

No cost

Talk your issue through

Every Friday between 10 am and 12 pm, I am available to employers to talk through any IR/ER issues or challenges and offer some advice, guidance and support where appropriate.*

If you and/or a colleague are interested in taking one of the 4 x 30-minute slots available every Friday (subject to the conditions outlined below), please fill out and submit the form.

IR surgery criteria

The criteria for booking a slot are:

This is only available to employers with a maximum of three attendees at each session.

Those attending must be responsible for the ER/IR agenda for their organisation and/or be actively involved in engaging with Employee Representatives.
Guidance and advice are given for free with no commitment from any party to engage further.
Guidance and advice sought will relate only to the Employer and not any specific individual.
Guidance and advice will not be available on any legal matters.
Guidance and advice will not be offered on any matters relating to union avoidance, union busting, union derecognition or anything that goes against the principles of freedom of association.
Guidance and advice are offered on the basis that there is no liability accepted for anything that may happen following the surgery, and no written advice or guidance will be provided.
A booking form must be completed by each employer and submitted in advance. The 30-minute slot will be confirmed in writing by email.
Anything discussed in the 30-minute slot remains confidential and will not be communicated by anyone present unless expressly discussed and agreed upon.

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