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Increasing competence and confidence.

I run workshops for in-house teams and open workshops for individuals.

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In-house Workshops

Usually one day, on-site and face to face, a bespoke workshop for in-house teams of managers and HR people.

The focus is on the skills and competence needed to work effectively with unions.

The workshop is designed around the specific requirements of each employer and attendees and will work through a real-life scenario during the day.

It’s very practical, filled with plenty of knowledge transfer, examples and discussion, which will build the confidence and competence of each attendee.

These workshops have been delivered to some of the best-known Employers in the UK and across Europe.

Open Workshops – Coming Soon

I will be running the ‘Working with Unions’ one-day workshop in several locations throughout 2024.

These sessions are for individual attendees, with a maximum of 12 people at each workshop, and will provide practical tools that will be useful for anyone involved in working with Unions, in any industry.

The workshop will also include a module on the legal framework surrounding collective bargaining and unions, run by a senior Employment Lawyer.

Locations will include London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and Glasgow.

Register your interest here to receive early notice of the sessions as they are scheduled.

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